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Creating Healthy Communities

Family Preservation Services, Inc.

"Human Services Without Walls" simply means that we provide our services in the client's own environment. We don't own a hospital, institution, or correctional facility and prefer to serve our clients in their own home, school, neighborhood or work place. We typically supervise clients involved in government programs such as welfare, probation or parole, Medicaid, or Medicare.


Services Provided

Family Preservation Services, Inc. (FPS) mission is to ensure the provision of accessible, effective, high quality community-based counseling and social services as an alternative to traditional institutional care. FPS is dedicated to ensuring that all clients have access to professional community-based care, proven treatment methods and comprehensive service planning. FPS offers a wide variety of programs across the country, and all share a primary commitment to provide care that builds upon clients' strengths and responds to their concerns.

Our primary services are varied, and we are continually creating new programs in response to identified needs in a particular area. The common thread is that we provide counseling and support services in home- and community-based settings and we emphasize the strengths and uniqueness of each youth and family. We do not own or operate any hospitals, residential treatment centers or group homes. All services are offered by trained therapists and paraprofessionals under the direct supervision of licensed clinicians.


National Service Locations

Since our inception in 1992, Family Preservation Services, Inc. (FPS) has specialized in nonresidential community-based services. The mission of FPS is to collaborate with and support community agencies in their efforts to reduce out-of-home placement, strengthen families and provide youth opportunities to increase self awareness, develop skills and utilize strengths, enabling them to become healthy, contributing members of their communities and families.

In 1998, FPS merged with Providence Service Corporation and has gained a national reputation for providing innovative and effective community-based services to assist in the preservation of families in five states and the District of Columbia. Each area provides an array of services in response to locally identified needs.

Providence offers our programs under a decentralized, local model. We operate as a partnership of local and regional providers who are part of the communities they serve. Our service professionals have developed collaborative relationships with community resources and local agencies, resulting in a reputation for providing cost effective, quality care for our clients. In all areas we offer community-based services as an alternative to residential or institutional care.